Breakfast and High Tea

Your gourmet breakfast is a special event at Linne ‘Ardan. It is served on the Gathering Room outside porch, weather permitting or in the gathering room at 9:00 AM. Your breakfast will be served early when you have booked the all day Land of Waterfalls Tour so you are on your way at 8:15 AM. Breakfast Menu will be at the discretion of the Laird and Guidwife:

Scottish Bairn
An individual puffed pancake served in a cast iron skillet layered with caramelized, fresh apple slices, topped with our Scottish clotted crème, a sprinkling of roasted walnuts and home-made caramel sauce.

Auld Alliance
Baked or griddled French toast stuffed with a fruit and creamed cheese filling accompanied by a complimenting fruit puree and a dollop of our Scottish clotted crème.

Eggs Flambé a’ Sherry
Apples, American prosutito, scallions and spinach sautéed in sherry and flamed, fresh, herbed eggs added along with Assiago cheese served on a bed of asparagus.

Scot's Woodcock
Crème scones topped with eggs, scrambled with various chopped fresh vegetables and country ham, and topped with a home made cheese sauce.

The above entrées are accompanied with the innkeeper’s choice of homemade Wiltshire cure bacon, home-made sausage, southern bacon rashers, or country ham, a selection of that go hand-in-hand with a choice of jams, jellies, marmalade, molasses and honey and juices, coffee, or tea, fruit or fruit compote, various home baked Scottish breakfast breads of course, Scottish clotted crème or butter.

Laird’s High Tea:
High Tea is prepared for an additional fee.

Scottish tea and other selected beverages, Laird’s choice of diverse finger sandwiches, savories, assorted home baked scones, biscuits, and cakes, various jams, jellies, marmalades, and Scottish Clotted crème. Five or more days advance reservations are required and a minimum of 4 participants. It is served the traditional Scottish way at 5:00 PM.