History of Linne 'Ardan

Linne ‘Ardan á Lake Lure was built for you, our guests. The lodge is a faithful reproduction of an antique family home in Tennessee. The log structure style is known as a Tennessee “I” house. It is a dogtrot cabin that has had an additional story and a half cabin attached to the existing home at the rear dogtrot opening. This added space was needed as the settler’s family increased in numbers and prospered. The lodge is constructed of hand-hewn logs utilizing the old tried and true craftsman’s methods including dovetailed corners, pegged mortise and tenon joints, ridge rafters with collar tie beams, interior log walls and hand chinking of spaces between the logs. The floors are Southern heart pine. Furnishings are period antiques, authentic reproductions, and family heirlooms. The necessary, however, is one of our modern conveniences and is found in your private bedroom. Our guest rooms are representative of the Scottish Clans with which our family surnames have been associated.

White: a surname found in Scotland as far back as 870AD. White is a sept or family of two clans: Clan Gregor and Clan Lamont.

Coleman: A surname derived from an Irish monk turned Scot, St. Columba. He and twelve companions were the founders of monastery cells or churches at Iona. The surname is a sept of Clan Buchanan.

A brief history of each Clan has been placed in each room for your reading enjoyment. In addition, you will find an appropriate clan tartan rosette and Celtic brooch placed in each room for your lady’s use while visiting. This piece of Highland dress is an acceptable and appropriate accessory for breakfast and tea and for wearing while a guest of Linne ‘Ardan á Lake Lure.